Many hands have labored to bring Random Harvest to life in it’s newest incarnation. The Random Harvest Team would like to extend deep gratitude to the workers who renovated our late 1800’s building to be the beautiful gathering space that it is, the many consultants who helped us organize ourselves as a worker-owned cooperative and mission-driven business, and the friends and family who support us emotionally, financially, and relationally in ongoing ways. It takes a village!


A massive thank you to our visionary Project Manager Marc Shafler who coordinated the restoration of our building, lending his creative eye to every detail of the project and creating a space of beauty sure to last at least another century! When not scheming his next beautiful creation, Marc can be found managing Helsinki Hudson, his other architectural masterpiece.

General Contractor: Sam Spragis and Crew - 518-573-1349

Electrician: Tommy Palmer and Crew - 518-407-1815

Painting: Lonnie Thorne and Crew - 518-928-2074

Tile: Josh Sirlin - 518-470-6379

Plumbing, Cooling and Heating: Will’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing - (518) 929-3125

Excavation, Septic, Sanitation: Carmen Barbato - (518) 325-3331

Structural Straightening: Ed Russel

Engineering: Wolfgang and Jennifer Stockmeier

Carpentry: Jeremy Gage and Otis Lougheed

Carpentry: Luke Olsen- 413-717-1934 (who built our beautiful check out counter!)

Fire Suppression and Awning: Sausbier’s - 518-828-3748

Drywall: Burkhart Williams Contracting LLC - 518-928-3913

Concrete: Josh Kuhnen - 518-858-9892

Roofing: Greenport Roofing - (518) 828-5249

Flooring: Country Home Flooring - 518-329-7107

Glass: Sheldon Glass - 518-325-4661

Fencing: Roma Fence Co. - 518-828-3686

Insulation: Advantage Insulation Inc.

Lift: Albany Lift - 888-558-5438

Railing and Stair Fabrication: S&S Fabrication - 518-828-2022

Caretaking: Matt Rogers - 518-755-7930 (also the longest standing Random Harvest employee!)

Community Board, Truck Restoration, Seasonal Decorations: Patrick Jansen - 518-751-6527

Truck Sign: Gwen Sherman - 518-697-9216

Building Sign: Wood and Wood Signs

Photography: Lawrence Braun

Logo and Website Development: Sophie Wedd Design

Materials: Herringtons


Financial Projections: Gregg Osofsky, Watershed Center

Cooperative Development: Brooke Lehman, Watershed Center

Pro Bono Legal Advice: Jacob Meyer Thank you Jacob for your generous donation of time!

Legal Advice: John Friedman

Cooperative Structuring Legal Advice: Michael Haber. Thank you to Michael for your pro bono support!

Bookkeeping Consultation: ABC Bookkeeping. Big thanks to Democracy at Work for providing us with a grant to work with ABC!

Aesthetic and Business Consultation: Deborah McDowell, Helsinki Hudson

Financial Projections: Lucy Pavalock, Custom Business Solutions

Financial Projections: Melissa Lydon, Arista Advisory Group

Marketing: Carol Bosco Baumann. Much gratitude to Berkshire Agricultural Ventures for the marketing grant to work with Carol. And thank you Carol for your generous donations of time.

Mission/Vision/Values Facilitation & Chalkboard: Sol Weiss,

Market Development: Zach Hill

Financial Projections: CDS Consulting Coop

Market Feasibility Study: G2G Research Group

Thank you to the generous folks from the many markets and coops we visited who helped us with our Market Research and Development:


A massive thank you to Cameron Melville for being our primary funder and for being our friend and co-conspirator in the Hudson Valley. Cameron is one of the owners of Helsinki Hudson in Hudson, NY and supports local artists and creatives by hosting Helsinki’s popular and quirky open mic on Tuesday nights and through his other projects in New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you Steve and Ruthie Melville for helping fund our project and for supporting our local food system in the many ways that you do.

Thank you Roz Pope Meyer for being one of our generous funders and a stalwart believer in our vision. You’ve helped us believe in ourselves!

Thank you Cassidy A. Maze for bringing together the first two people on our team and being a solidly supportive friend from the inception of this idea through it’s fruition. Cassidy is a visionary creative doing exciting work in the Hudson Valley. Check her out at

Big thank you to Christine and Paul Hanafin who dreamed the first incarnation of Random Harvest into existence, offering a market to the neighborhood that many people worked in, sold to, and bought their groceries from. We’re grateful to inherit the legacy of this space and bring it back to life for many decades to come.

And a huge thank you to all of our producers and to everyone who came to a community meeting leading to our opening!