Random Harvest IS Hiring!!!

Market/Cafe Worker Job Description:

Random Harvest is seeking applicants who will be cross-trained to work in both the market and deli. We are looking for enthusiastic, community minded individuals who are passionate about the cooperative model and helping create a relational food economy in the Hudson Valley.

Responsibilities will include:

Operating POS
Customer Service
Caring for produce
Stocking shelves
Labeling items
Accepting deliveries
Taking food and beverage orders
Preparing food and beverages
Filling orders from the deli case
Maintaining a clean environment

The Ideal Candidate will possess:

Experience and/or interest in food, farming, grassroots organizations, and community involvement
Excellent customer service skills
Enthusiasm for working within a cooperative model


Starting rate $12 per hour. Full and part time positions available. Periodic raises based on performance.

A pathway towards joint ownership is available.

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Deli Director Job Description:

This is a basic list of current and potential future job responsibilities for the position of deli director. There is intended to be a paid one week training/stage to be sure that we are a good fit for each other, followed by a meeting to talk about our thoughts. Base pay to begin is based on previous experience and current level of commitment. Tips are an added bonus and will be paid out based on hours worked. There will be a review twice a year to discuss pay, responsibilities, changes in flow, and all other things observed in the daily routine. As the deli director, you will not always be performing all of these tasks! They are simply the tasks that are needed to be done daily and you will work on setting up and maintaining systems to attain this. This position is expected to be full-time, at 40 hours/week, including a weekly meeting with the kitchen.

Basic description:

Take pridesmanship of the deli, keeping the deli case, the prepared foods to go section, the freezer, and the beverage section organized and stocked, as well as maintaining a clean area for making sandwiches, serving soups, salads, and drinks, as well as preparing these items.   

Deli case - This is where foods will live when they come out of the kitchen and will need to be displayed, restocked, and packed out to order in a properly managed temperature setting. This case should have appropriate labels for each food item, be downsized or restocked as necessary, and the person caring for this should have an understanding about allergens, ingredients, and cross contamination.

Prepared foods to go - This section is an open refrigerator located in the deli that will be home to bottled drinks, packaged salads and sandwiches, cut cheese, cut veggies, fresh juices… It will need to be restocked, inventoried, and have freshness dates and temps taken daily.

The freezer - This area will need to have a proper rotation of stock and be inventoried as well as have soups and sauces packed for display with labels in the freezer. Fish or prepared meals may also need to be packed for display.

Beverages - This section is where all sorts of fun and interesting beverages will be produced, both to be packed and displayed in the to go case, as well as be served directly to the consumer. These beverages will include, but not be limited to: juices, coffees, smoothies, teas, seltzers, house made sodas, etc…

Prepared Foods - Finally, we have the prepared foods section, behind the deli case where we will serve hot and cold sandwiches to order, hot soups and a few other prepared foods that will not be coming out pre-made for the deli case. This will not be an extensive menu but more of a down to earth menu with simple ingredients, prepared well, and some specials. This area will need to stay clean and well prepped.

The kitchen:

Currently, the kitchen is being cheffed and managed by Amy, a human who is active in the local foods community in the Hudson Valley for over 12 years, who is sourcing ingredients and preparing them. This includes meats, veggies, fruits, more veggies, dairy, grains, and many foraged goods.

The kitchen and deli will be staffed with people and we will discuss the growing needs for more people as we grow. There is space for a cook, as well as a couple of humans to do prep work and dish work and general cleaning to keep the place bright and welcoming!


Pay based on experience. Full and part time positions available. Periodic raises based on performance.

A pathway towards joint ownership is available.

To Apply, fill out the form below!