Pre-opening Party & Old Tone Music Fest

We hope you are enjoying these cooler days as we transition into fall. This summer was a full one for us!  The final touches on the building are underway, producers are confirmed to sell, we hosted our Pre-Opening party, and we filled hundreds of hungry bellies at the Oldtone Roots Music Festival, just to name a few of the things keeping us busy. 

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Margot SeigleComment
A Random Update

We’ve made some exciting progress on the market the last couple months as well as having encountered a few setbacks. The exciting news is that the construction has been moving rapidly along. All the rough-in plumbing has been installed and concrete floors were poured in the market and the basement. The interior walls are in the process of being framed and it’s beginning to look like a store again. 

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Why a Workers Cooperative?

There are many decisions that go into starting a new business.  Some of these are based purely on financial considerations, but most are based just as much on our beliefs about how things are and our hopes for how things could be.  Often, a decision that is good for the business’s bottom line is also just a good decision.

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Robin MullaneyComment
Colder Days, Layers: A Preparation

As the fall days blossomed into color, we began turning under the former Random Harvest garden space.  For years this soil has been carefully tended by the former owners, Chris and Paul Hanafin, and so it is with honor which we continue its care. 

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Claire WolfComment
Random Harvest... a cooperative adventure

I begin my writing on a grey September day in Hillsdale NY when the first autumn wind is blowing needles off the Tamarac tree. There is a growing excitement for myself, the rest of the Random Harvest team, and our community about this moment that we’re in. We are a collective of four women who are re-opening the local Random Harvest farm store as a cooperatively owned market and community space.

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